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Who can explain? — A Faded Romantic’s Notebook

Who can explain attraction admiration connection appeal fascination infatuation enchantment desire captivation temptation seduction lust. Who can explain the magnetism that draws me close? Who can explain any of it? I just know you turn me on. . . © the author writing as Romantic Dominant Written four years ago. Who can explain attraction …? […]…

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July 17th

Im not going to lie Kitten, today was one of the loneliest days ever. Depression hit hard. plus dark thought and other things aall contributed to me feeling the lowest I’ve been in a while. I’m trying so hard to be positive and like you said be okay right now, and its honestly difficult. so…

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JULY 16th

im up again at our normal wake up time, like you are headed to school, and i’ll see the discord message that always makes me breathe a sigh or relief. It was something that was started by you before we were an us, and I grew to love the gesture so much that I decided…

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