Job Files 0001: Waffleshot

So this is a new series I’ve come up with to talk about and display the projects that I work on. I will also be giving some insight into my design process as well as thought process as I work thru each project.

That being said, lets get into the first project of the series. This one is actually not a print job which is normally my specialty, This project was a 3D mockup created to be submitted to Costco stores, hopefully based on this model The ladies from Waffleshot will be able to sell their products at a Costco near you.

I was given 2 dielines for this render, One was for the individual product box. This was already somewhat designed, I basically needed to modify the layout to accommodate more waffleshot cups and then it was ready to go. The next dieline was for the carton that the product boxes would be transported in and later displayed in once on shelves.

A screenshot of the waffleshot carton layout
A screenshot product box layout

After receiving approval on both layouts It was time to build the 3D Mockup for this I used 2 programs, Origami which will take die lines like the ones above and fold them into their proper 3D shapes, Origami is honestly a lifesaver , as you can have the products display in 3D with your artwork mapped onto it. After that I exported the box and carton to Boxshot 5 and built the scene. rendering took forever! but i finally got it done and approved. See you next time!

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