Job Files 0002: Humboldt Farm

I regularly do design work for farms in northern California. This time We have a layout for Humboldt Farm, The contact was very nice to work with. We first completed some jar labels. She liked the layout so much that she requested I expand upon it and create labels for polybags. I personally think the job came out great and I threw in this 3D mockup free of charge. Hopefully it will give her an idea of how the job will print. I sourced various vector clipart files from around the web, and mixed and blended elements to achieve the concept I had envisioned. Which was a nature scene, with a window you could look through to give a glimpse of a completely different setting. It was my visual attempt to convey my concept of what it’s like to be under the effects of some great cannabis. Maybe you’ll let me know if its a fitting concept and execution.

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